watza blog??

December 1, 2018 0 By Chris Canton








And a voice out of the heavens declared: “Blog and they shall come!”



Me being ‘old school’, so to speak, realize that blogs have been around for probably two decades by now – I think the term came about around the same time as the internet, give or take. The thing is, being around for two decades is, in reality, quite a long time.  but in the reality of myself?  Not on the same playing field as the phrase “having been around forever” that you often hear. Thus, (I guess) that makes me “old school” then!  The thing is,  I still remember a time when one simply wrote in the writing niche they were known for – short stories, poetry, novels, magazine articles, etc.  Depending on what media you were intending to be published in, you commenced to write in that style accordingly.  You submitted poetry to the poetry markets, or novels to major publishing houses and so on…. Me being very visual in  the way I interpret the human language and what the words mean, honestly, had no visual for what a blog was or suppose to be.  It was simply an odd word that I didn’t much care for – almost, to me, sounded like a derogatory term, you might say, and that was that.  Ol’ skool me, familiar with the fact that the english language is always evolving although you don’t always see it happening, was happening full on and eclipsing my awareness level! Be that as it may, NO, it didn’t mean I was getting old, thank you very much! Regardless, if I was to become a blogger who “blogged” I wasn’t sure when I was suppose to stop my “article”, and certainly did not know that blog sites are tailor-made for those that like to write.  Well…  I get it now (I think).  Just write about things you know (or think you know), or write about things of interest to you.  Then hope everyone else and their brother are also interested.  If you reach one-fifth of everyone,  I guess you can consider yourself a pretty darn good blogger!  If you reach just one and they like you, then at least you have a blog site worth blogging from, then.  Keep blogging and the challenge is “others will come”.  And thus, one can declare oneself a blogger with a blog site. Thus, my declaration of blogging is made.  Regard this as an introduction of myself, and from where I am coming from.  Now that we got that out of the way.  On to my 2nd(?) blog!